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Silvae Technologies connects business and talented IT people for already more than 10 years.

Yes, we outsource! We give you the opportunity to work for foreign companies and travel the world or just spend more time with your family. We believe both in team’s power and individual productivity. That’s why we aim to deliver a freedom and flexibility in the working process to establish an environment of creativity and self-driven motivation.

We are in a search for a freelancer DevOps engeneer! Our client is a company based in Luxemburg developing payment solutions specifically designed for merchants. The product automates transactions from pay-in to pay-out on a single platform, including reconciliation, invoicing, payment fulfilment and payment splitting. 


We are looking for a DevOps with the following skills:

  • Knowing CentOS 7 (or 6), pref. RedHat Enterprise 7 (or 6), Ubuntu is not fully suitable
  • Ability to deploy packages with composer
  • Ability to quickly setup users + ssh
  • sftp / scp setups
  • maintenance jobs, like updates, hardening the system (ie. Firewalld, …)
  • preferable able to setup cron jobs
  • able to handle PHP71, MariaDB, nodeJS, MongoDB, Redis

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