Teamwork in the Cloud! Nearshoring and outsourcing in Bulgaria.

  • Your own development team

    Get an extended team of software developers with experience in Microsoft technology, Java and PHP, 100% available when you need them. While we will help put together your team, you are in complete control and can manage your Xpertcoders team as you do your in-house team.

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  • Business Software Solutions

    If you have your own software or a commercial product that needs configuration, implementation or an upgrade to a new version, start now by hiring an experienced support team to handle it for you. With Silvae Technologies you get exclusive access to all the resources you need and, of course, you cut down on development costs significantly.

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Microsoft .Net

A team that ads value! The more challenging the projects are the better. Most of our Developers have 10+ years of experience in a wide range of applications all build in the .Net Framework. Web applications, Mobile Applications or Back-end applications our developers have done it.

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Java Development

10 years of experience! When we started the company in 2004, Java was the first technology we deployed in our company. Since than we have written thousands of lines of Java. Tailor Made solutions, Back-end integration, Web Applications have all passed through the capable brains of our developers.

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Web Development

We have an extensive experience in building Websites ranging from native HTML site to complex web content management driven websites. Drupal and Wordpress being the most used CMS. Front-end development and back-end development with PHP to customize the applications.

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For almost 10 years we are implementing EDI systems. We have a highly specialized team in document interchange. We master dozens of standards in a broad range of EDI systems. Connecting and mapping with SAP, MS Dynamics, Tailor Made ERP systems and many more.

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