Our vision on software

Software can no longer be standalone. Build or buy has been for a long time the choice which had to be made. Today it’s both. Build software which is tailor made to your business and has all the benefits of custom made software. But build it in such a way that it has “connecting” in its core. By connecting your tailor made software to a series of platforms will give your software a reach which goes far beyond your own capabilities. You can scale your app beyond countless scenario’s which will provide you with an inflow of data far beyond standalone software.

Platforms are Ecosystems

A Software platform is a an application where your core business is build. It has all the features which are needed to support your business case. But it also has connecting to other platforms in it’s core from the beginning.


Applications can no longer be standalone software. Connecting to other platforms and in this way enhancing it’s functionality and reach which will assure you from an inflow of data far beyond standalone applications.


Sending information from one system to another can be done in different ways. Building an Application programming interface (API) or using EDI as a means to transfer information are only 2 of them.


Connecting is not limited to software. Programming and connecting hardware and retrieving data from and managing all kind of sensors, controllers, scanners,… will contribute to the eco system around your business case





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