Bulgaria’s Stack Overflow top users rank first in the world


According to an article by Venture Beat, “Bulgaria has the highest average reputation among top users in the world.”

Venture Beat, analyzed data from Stack Overflow and focused on the profiles of top 14.898 out of over 3.5 million users in the popular Q&A platform for programmers as of January 2015. After summing up the reputation of all top users in Stack Overflow by country and dividing it by the number of top users to get the average reputation of every country, Venture Beat came to conclusion that Bulgaria ranks first in the word with an average reputation score of 33 649.

According to the analysis, Bulgaria has a top user’s score of 57.21 per capita with 40 users that have a reputation of 5,000 or higher. “If you are top user in Bulgaria, chances are you a total Stack Overflow rockstar.”


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