Google Makes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning a Priority


Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company is applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in various areas, and making investments in AI and ML a priority. “The progress, particularly in the last two years, has been pretty dramatic,” Pichai said for TechNewsWorld. “We're thoughtfully applying it across all of our products, be it search, be it ads, be it YouTube and Play. We are in the early days, but you'll see it in a systematic manner think about how we can apply machine learning all these areas,” he added.

Charles King, Pund-IT principal analyst Charles King said that machine learning is valuable in all areas it is being applied. “In essence, what machine learning provides are ways for computerized processes to learn as they go, thus improving performance over time and through experience,” he said for TechNewsWorld. “As a result, ML could be applied in virtually any industrial situation, from enhancing the time and results of product design processes to monitoring and maintaining complex machines,” added King.

Last month Google reported a great progress in Image classification and speech recognition capabilities of artificial neural networks. By applying several artificial neurons’ layers (10 to 30), Google’s team was able to produce modern art images instead of just recreating the original image. The process called inceptionism, which was able to build various complex images, could improve network architecture and help researchers to better understand how neural networks work.  

“This is how we are able to give the computer's AI a new idea,” Roger Entner, principal analyst at Recon Analytics said for TechNewsWorld. “We basically begin with something almost random and impose our order and it -- and through this it is able to create something new,” he added.

According to Jim McGregor, founder and principal analyst at Tirias Research, databases are essential in the overall process of teaching computers how to learn from its mistakes and by constantly updating the algorithms, the AI applications could be unlimited. “It could be used in autonomous vehicles where the AI can take all the data that is being presented and develop algorithms that make self-driving cars possible," he continued. "It is really about teaching intelligent algorithms for almost anything.”

He added that Artificial Intelligence is connected with the Internet of Things and other things that look “independent but are in fact very connected.”

“Hollywood may make a lot of money about machines wanting to kill us, but that involves so much more including advanced robotics,” McGregor explained for TechNewsWorld. “We're not even close to that and likely never will be. Right now, we're just at the point where we're teaching computers to do things better. It was Alan Turing who suggested that it isn't that machines can't learn -- they just learn differently,” he added.

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