CeBIT 2016 to expand Data Center of the Future offerings


CeBIT , the world’s leading event for digitization, announced in a press release that the coming event CeBIT 2016, among other offerings, will include the Data Center of the Future. Held in Hannover, Germany every year, CeBIT brings together various companies, Global enterprises, organizations, SMEs, startups, and many participants from all over the world to share their ideas and get introduced to new ones. “According to an IDC survey covering several European nations, data centers at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are on average seven years old. This underscores the special urgency for SMEs to upgrade and modernize their facilities, since in an age of rapidly growing data quantities and steadily rising cost pressure, an antiquated infrastructure can lead to serious problems.” CeBIT announced in a press release.

For the coming event, CeBIT in cooperation with Datacenter Dynamics (DCD)  is going to expand its Data Center exhibition segment. “From 14 to 18 March 2016, Hall 12 at CeBIT will serve as a unique nucleus covering all aspects of the data center of the future. The range of developments on display will range from ready-made, container-based data centers and solutions for intelligent power supply, ventilation and cabling to individual rack components,” CeBIT announced.  The event is expected to showcase not only ‘traditional’ data center topics, but also storage solutions, server technologies, high-performance computing, and Cloud-based IT services, which for the first time will be showcased under the same roof.

Furthermore, CeBIT 2016 will include for the first time topics like ‘construction, planning and management of state-of-the-art data centers’ which will be discussed on two separate stages: a conference that will totally focus on discussing all topics related to data center’s infrastructure and the other one focused on software and open-source-related topics. Both stages, along with various conferences and other events happening within CeBIT program, will for the first time be free of charge for all its visitors.

Over 22,000 visitors from all over the world already visited Hall 12 at CeBIT in order to get introduced to data centers and find out more interesting information about them. CeBIT reports that the concept was a great success, living visitors highly satisfied and looking forward to CeBIT 2016.

“In 2016 Rittal will be exhibiting at CeBIT for the 26th time,” said Rittal Marketing Director Dirk Miller. “We are greatly looking forward to Hall 12 as a showcase for the ‘Data Center of the Future’. As a globally leading provider of solutions for individual and standardized data centers, we are eager to help shape this future in tandem with our customers. The professional setting at CeBIT offers us the ideal opportunity to do this,” Miller added.  

CeBIT 2016 - Global Event for Digital Business will be held in Hannover, March 14 – 18. 

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