Jooby simplifies Java Web development and allows developers to work with JavaScript


Aimed to simplify the Web development of Java, Jooby framework is fast, modular and readyfor modern web. “Although Java is a simple and easy-to-learn programming language, building Web applications in Java has always been a challenge,” Jooby developer Edgar Espina said for InfoWorld. “The Java community has done a lot to simplify the development of Web applications.... Still the effort to build a Web application in Java is high compared to Ruby or Node. Jooby comes to fill that gap and simplify Web development in Java by providing an unopinionated, simple, and easy-to-learn micro Web framework,” he added.

Inspired by express.js, the scalable micro web framework helps developers build web applications in an easy and quick way. Jooby’s logo “Do more, more easily” hints the frameworks’ purpose to make Java Web development simpler, allowing developers to do more work within the same period of time by simplifying the production process as much as possible.

Since Java is adding more and more things to its framework, the ‘cluster’ created is taking developers more time than it is needed, the multi-language Jooby takes care of just that: helping web developers to take the best out of Java. Being a modular framework, Jooby offers “a major difference with other Java Web frameworks” according to Espina. “They are thin and do a lot of work to bootstrap and configure the external library, but they don't provide a new level of abstraction nor [do] they provide a custom API to access functionality in that library. Instead they expose the library components as they are,” Espina clarified for InfoWorld.

Besides allowing developers to easily work with Java, Jooby also works with JavaScript. “It is a Java framework, as it is always running on the JVM, but it can also be thought of a JavaScript framework from the developer perspective,” Espina said.

 Featuring MVC programming models like Spring and Jersey, multi-servers like Netty, Jetty and Undertow, as well as scripting programming model like express.js, Sinatra, etc., Jooby is designed to work with Java 8 and the latest versions of Java, as well as Project Nashorn.

With two programming models, Jooby framework allows users to split their application and create as many classes as they want, but also mix different modules and combine them as needed. Created in 2014, Jooby plans to formally release its 1.0.0 release version in the first months of 2016. 


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