Azul doubles Zing JVM capacity to 2 TB with Zing 16.01


Azul Systems, Zing’s first company to support OpenJDK across various Cloud platforms, operating systems, as well as hypervisors, will double its Zing JVM in-memory capacity to 2 terabytes with Zing 16.01. According to Azul vice president of marketing Howard Green, applications can now benefit a lot from Zing’s capacity extension and get a quicker and more organized data access. “Now you can do that without having to add anything else to your Java app,” Green said.

Besides doubling its in-memory capacity, Azul will offer other improvements such as enhanced monitoring, troubleshooting capabilities, optimizations for the Apache Cassandra database,   increase the efficiency of CRC32 implementation, and a lot more.

According to Voxxed, Java runtime for business-critical applications Zing “is designed to be a super scalable Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for enterprise applications and systems that require any combination of consistent low latency, high transaction rates, high scalability or large in-memory data structures.”

Ideal for systems that require predictable performance and pauseless operation, Zing lets users Java in various areas and with big data. “With Zing you access the full power of Java, Scala, and dynamic JVM languages without changing your code or architecture,” it’s written on Azul System’s website.

Well-known for creating a variety of open source tools for Java and JVM technologies, Azul’s many initiatives and open source projects include:

The improvement of the memory will offer users a better experience as well as enhance all Zing’s existing capabilities. “Azul explain that, whilst legacy JVMs can be prone to Garbage Collection (GC) pauses, resulting in slow or unpredictable response times, lost revenues and missed SLAs, applications running on, newly expanded Zing can deliver consistent performance and improved reliability by avoiding GC pauses while making more in-memory data available without database or I/O overhead,” according to Voxxed.

According to an Azul statement, 451 Research analyst analyst John Abbott, said that Azul is making it easier for Java users to capitalize on the latest generation of hardware. “Now that multi-TB servers are readily available, Azul is making it possible to capitalize on the latest generation of hardware without requiring Java Based applications to be chopped up into small 4-12GB instances,” Abbott said.

You can request a free Zing 16.02 trial here.


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