Latest GitLab 8.5 release - fastest so far


GitLab 8.5 Enterprise edition is the fastest release of GitLab so far. Its performance has increased a lot, offering users what they need in an easier and quicker way with Todos, a chronological list of to-dos. Todos helps users to start on their work faster and creates automatic to-dos that can be set to ‘done’ whenever a certain task is finished.

“At GitLab, making sure everything runs smoothly with thousands of projects has always been a priority. But with GitLab 8.5, we’ve raised the bar for ourselves. Average mean performance is up at least 1.4 times, up to 1.6 times for 99th percentile response times. For slower pages, the response time has been improved way beyond this,” Job van der Voort, GitLab vice president of product posted on an article about GitLab’s fastest release on February 22, 2016.

GitLab also introduced the alpha of GitLab Geo that allows users to have a “remote replicate” of their Geo instance which makes it easier and quicker for users who work in various teams to easily replicate their GitLab instance as well as read data faster, even when teams are located in long distances from one another.  

Anyone who runs a huge server will be particularly glad about GitLab’s many performance improvements such as:

Source : GitLab 


Among the release contributors was Artem Sidorenko supporting the relative URLs in Omnibus installations and becoming GitLab’s MVP for February. With the aim to make GitLab the best software for managing various projects, the company offers its users the opportunity to vote, share their opinions on what works or doesn’t for them as well as participate in live demo and Q&A sessions in order to get more informed about GitLab updates.

It is expected that in the coming updates, GitLab will continue to make further improvements and introduce new changes.


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