Greenwave expands its IoT services


Global Internet of Things software and services company Greenwave Systems has recently announced the expansion of its AXON Platform for Mobile IoT which will allow its users from mobile carriers, to telecommunication operators to combine all mobile machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT  services including customer care, end-user billing, data mining, reporting, presentation, scaling and worldwide coverage, into a single network service.

“AXON for Mobile IoT unites mobile IoT and residential IoT networks into a single, fully manageable network service where a variety of communications protocols are translated into the same standard IP-based language for a streamlined and compatible connected ecosystem.  This unified service allows operators to scale up to handle billions of devices via Greenwave's implementation of Docker and develop additional revenue streams by introducing new services on a unique managed network,” according to a Greenwave press release.

With partners like Verizon, IBM, Ausgrid, Z Wave Alliance, NXP, AusNet Services, ZigBee, DIRECTV, etc., AXON for Mobile IoT can be integrated very easily into an operator's existing system saving its users a lot of time and allowing them to use the mobile IoT services whenever they want to and switch services from a mobile network to a residential one when needed.

"Historically, an M2M service would run on two separate platforms -- the mobile platform taking care of the data subscription, and an application platform running the specific applications, such as tracking, surveillance or residential home automation. With AXON for Mobile IoT, these platforms are now combined into an all-in-one solution,” Greenwave Systems CEO Martin Manniche said for TechNewsWorld.

Greenwave Systems is mostly used by companies that want to offer the best services to their customers, making a personal connection with them and consequently growing their brand even further.  "The AXON Platform abstracts the complexity and confusion of competing IoT standards away from service and application developers, which allows rapid innovation and development cycles," Greenwave CTO Leon Hounshell said for TechNewsWorld.

As a platform that used to offer capabilities like home networks and IoT devices monitoring AXON’s new features, according to TechNewsWorld include “tracking and other sensor data for people, animals and cars; surveillance for security and monitoring; healthcare data monitoring; and smart cities applications for pollution control, parking and traffic monitoring.”

One coming event related to Internet of Things posted on Greenwave official website is the Smart IoT London which will take place Tuesday, April 12, 2016 to Wednesday, April 13, 2016 starting at 8:00am in ExCeL, London. The two-day knowledge sharing event will be free of charge and will feature a leading suppliers’ exhibition, a world-class conference featuring 200 presentations. At the same place, all visitor are allowed to visit other sister events such as Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud Security Expo, and Data Centre World.

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