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American multinational information technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has recently launched its Heaven OnDemand service, joining many other tech giants and startups that are already working on offering machine-learning analytics as a cloud service to software developers.

Delivered exclusively on Microsoft Azure Cloud, HPE’s Haven OnDemand, makes its customers’ life easier by simplifying the process of virtually turning data into an asset they can use whenever they want. Furthermore, the data access is made even faster so that any information needed in order to create deep and meaningful insights can be reached at any time without having to go through much trouble.

"Our algorithm can handle any type of digital media, which could be email, Slack messages, Skype messages, whatever, but we started with social because it's free and publicly available,” Tope Alibi, co-founder of San Francisco-based startup Social Capital said for eWEEK. "Haven OnDemand has been a great tool for us. With it, we identify the 'big five' personality traits that psychologists identify with each patient: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism,” he added.

Heaven OnDemand service contains over 60 APIs that are designed for rapid development, high performance and massive scalability, such as Speech Recognition, Connector History, Text extraction, store object, etc. “We refer to this as 'augmented human intelligence,' so developers can generate applications and build these features into their products,” HPE Vice President of Big Data Colin Mahony said for eWEEK.

All APIs are divided into different categories such as Audio-Video Analytics, Connectors, Format Conversion, Graph Analysis, HP Labs Sandbox, Image Analysis, Policy, Prediction, Query Profile and Manipulation, Search, Text Analysis, and Unstructured Text Indexing.

HPE’s new machine learning service has been offered in similar ways by other companies which are already added on HPE’s Heaven OnDemand market of competitors, but according to Veis, HPE’s new launch differs from other services already available in the market. “Leveraging machine learning was traditionally reserved for highly trained data scientists, academic institutions and premises-based software deployments. Haven OnDemand is a breakthrough because we make enterprise-grade-level machine learning accessible to all developers with premium pricing, self-service through the cloud,” he said.

While admitting that the service is fairly similar to other one currently in the market, Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group also shared similar views with Veis on HPE’s competition with other companies.

“This is a very new area, which means all these offerings are in flux and searching for that magical set of capabilities that folks want to use,” Enderle said for the E-Commerce Times adding that most customers for these services “don't yet seem to know what they want,” which in turn can be used by companies that are really passionate in what they do and push their marketing further in order to distinguish themselves from other companies that are trying to do the same.

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