Microsoft Build 2016- what’s the future bringing?


Microsoft Build 2016 conference, which took place at The Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA from March 30 – April 1, 2016 scored a great success. Aiming to present the Microsoft’s future plans and what the company goals are for 2016, among the topics discussed at the conference were Windows 10,  Windows Phone, Xbox apps,  HoloLens, Office, the cloud, and many more.

“Microsoft wants its tools for developers to be what Office is for knowledge workers. They want to be the No. 1 toolchain for cross-platform development, mobile, cloud ... everything,” according to Al Hilwa, IDC Seattle research program director. “[That's] a tall order, but they're executing on it and building a multiplatform ecosystem," he said for the E-Commerce Times.

By presenting several innovations including the Internet of Things, Microsoft once again showed that it is always ready to design the necessary platforms developers need in order to create apps.

“Executive Vice President for Cloud + Enterprise Scott Guthrie announced innovations in mobile app development, the Internet of Things, microservices and intelligence designed to help developers create apps for the company's Azure cloud environment,” according to TechNewsWorld.

Besides innovations in mobile app development, the Internet of Things, microservices and intelligence, Guthrie announced at the conference five Azure IoT starter kits, which have a starting price of $50, as well as a preview of Azure most important Functions.

"Infrastructure services are what's pulling customers in today, but Microsoft still hopes it can leapfrog the competition by getting significant applications built for the cloud on Azure,” said managing VP of research at Directions on Microsoft Rob Helm for the E-Commerce Times.

“Learning to program one myself, I think that kids should get these to learn from instead of iPads,” principal analyst at the Enderle Group Rob Enderle said. “You'd end up with some rather valuable basic programming skills that would be very useful as IoT starts to mainstream,” Enderle said for the E-Commerce Times.

Guthrie also said that Xamarin, which makes it possible for developers to deliver native Android, iOS, and Windows apps, using existing skills, teams, and code, is going to be free.

Xamarin also helps developers ship better apps faster with automated testing, brings mobile DevOps to apps and reliability to users, helps to go mobile and stay ahead with interactive mobile development training, etc.

Over 15,000 companies including Bosch, Dow Jones, Nielsen, jetBlue, Pinterest, Honeywell, Expensify, Cognizant, GitHub, BlueCross BlueShield, Slack, Kellogg’s, Outback Steakhouse, McKesson, Johnson Controls, Kimberly-Clark, etc., rely on Xamarin.

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