Inside Java Magazine May/June 2016 edition


The latest edition of Java Magazine by and for the Java community features letters to the Editor, Java Books, events, a first look to JUnit 5, Understanding Generics, the high-productivity JVM language that integrates easily with Java: Ceylon Language, user groups, cloud related topics like getting onboard Oracle Java cloud service, and many more.

“Welcome to the May/June issue of Java Magazine in which we look at how big data is done today. An unusual aspect of the platforms that handle big data is that they almost all run on Java — a testimony to its suitability for enterprise-scale needs,” according to Java Magazine Editor in Chief Andrew Binstock.

Big data is the focus of Java Magazine May/June edition. Among the topics being discussed in the newest issue are Apache Spark 101 on getting up to speed on the popular big data engine, using Spark and Big Data for home projects, building a massive off-heap data queue, and big data best practices for JDBC and JPA.

“However, today many of the primary tools don't require enterprise size to be useful. Apache Spark, for example, can work effectively on small, human-size databases. We show how this is done with one developer's project of querying a database of first names to find one for his unborn child. But even if you run Spark in enterprise apps, you'll find that it is much easier to use than earlier tools that required extensive setup and fiddling with systems,” Binstock added.

Just a few months ago Big Data skill was ranked as one of the Top 10 most demanded tech skills for 2016 by Computerworld's Forecast 2016 survey. 

“Companies are typically looking for someone who can help them manage data and package that data. [They want] people who can interpret and then help bring that data to life visually — building dashboards and things of that nature, so the executive suite can push through techspeak and understand what the data is telling them,” said John Reed, Senior Executive Director of Robert Half Technology.

In the beginning of this year, Big Data received a great push after Spark 1.6 launch while the world’s leading event for digitization CeBIT 2016 announced to expand its data center of the future offerings

Furthermore, Big Data was also one of the top key elements of the future of technology at the EmTech 2015, MIT Technology Review's annual conference which took place in the heart of the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA from November 2-4. Focused on ways technology will advance in the future EmTech 2015 indicated that the future of technology lies in artificial intelligence, big data, and privacy.

You can take a look of the new edition of Java magazine here as well as check out the coming Java events that will take place all over the world.










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