5 Norwegian tech startups about to take on the world - Part II


As promised, here is the part two of Norway’s top tech startups. On the first list we made we included startups like Stay.com which helps urban travelers create personalized itineraries for their holidays and is currently available in 150 cities with 3,000 guides used by 2,000 locals in 30,000 venues, bSafe which was described as the easiest way to get help by BBC and has managed to become very successful safety platform not only in Europe but in the entire world. Among the many awards bSafe has won are TiE Midwest, Mobile Premier Award, The Rosing Prize, and The Bully Award which were all won by bSafe in 2010.

Other startups included in the list were also Kahoot, a Norwegian startup widely known for taking learning to a whole new level; Media technology company Aspiro which focuses on redefining music consumption and was founded by Jörgen Adolfsson, Christer Månsson, and Klas Hallqvist in 1998; Xeneta, a newly developed tech start that aims to keep on transforming global logistics, and the number one platform used to connect beacons and other proximity sensors to online marketing platforms Unacast which has  so far has 1.4 million beacons worldwide. The company collects and harmonizes proximity data for some of the largest proximity solution providers all over the world.


Here are 5 more promising Norwegian startups:



Specifically created for mobile app designers and developers, Fuse can help you “create and update the look and feel for native apps in real time on multiple devices simultaneously,” according to its official website.

Ranked number one on regional ranking among Fuse Key features and functionalities are Designer-developer collaboration which can let you move from static designs and prototypes to real native apps in one smooth workflow, and real-time preview which gives its users the opportunity to preview and edit their native app in real time on multiple devices simultaneously. It also features outputs native code, hardware accelerated, native Uls, Sketch import, and many more.

Viva Labs 

Founded by Henril Holen and Kyrre Wathne in 2012, Viva Labs aims to make smart homes popular. Living in a world where Internet of Things is affecting our lives the more times go by, it is no surprise a tech startup in Norway aims to turn smart homes into a mass market product. “By using artificial intelligence, Viva simplifies smart homes, making them valuable to users,” according to Viva’s official website. By combining GPS, sensors, and all the necessary data and algorithm, Viva labs is able to bring all the information gathered to make any home smarter and increase its value.

“The company enables partners within the utility, telecommunications, and other industries to quickly launch cutting edge smart home products under their own brand, strengthening their existing product portfolio, driving revenue, and increasing customer loyality. The first Viva-based solution launched in Norway in November 2015 under the Vord brand,” according to Viva official website.

Even though it is ranked in the 36th place on Norwegian regional rank, this start up seems promising, and its popularity is expected to increase in the coming years.



With sample customers such as Bibsys, bipper, Company Book, Declara, Fixx.li, Linhit, Lindorff, Recce, Sintef, Schibsted, Statoil, Teleonr, Teknisk Ukeblad, Verdande, Vivit, etc, Atbrox helps companies to solve any problems they may face by using open source and Atbrox technologies and methods including big data, such as Hadoop, as well as cloud computing.

Among atbrox services are Search Technology, Cloud Computing, Data analysis and Data Mining. The startup is still trying to reach the best of itself, nevertheless, it has been part of Internet of Things EU Research Project.

“Atbrox has been fortunate to get a 2nd EU research project (part of Horizon 2020 Framework). This project is within Internet of Things (IoT) together with European Universities, IoT and Car Industry. It has a project period from Q1 2015 – Q1 2018. We’re also a participant (where Memkite is a case study) in another EU research project (part of 7th Framework) – Envisage – within Cloud Computing together with European Universities, Research Institutions and Industry partners. Envisage has a project period from Q4 2013 – Q4 2016,” according to the company’s main page.



Just like Internet of Things, videos, moving images, especially videos that do not take up much time from anyone interested in watching them are taking over the way people consume information nowadays.  As we all know, younger generations for years have chosen to take the shortcut and watch the movie based on the book they were supposed to read, or skip long and boring videos for the ones that are entertaining, easy and fun to watch, and do not require them to skip long sentences in order to get to the point of a specific video.

That is why a lot of startups are not being “afraid” of investing on something that will improve video quality, especially when the purpose of the videos is for work purposes, like what Videxio is doing. The startup offers high quality cloud video conferencing “from the device of your choice, the location of your choice and the network of your choice. Bring your worlds together on video – affordably and simply,” acconrding to the compnay. Moreover, it offers great global coverage. “Video calls are especially sensitive to network conditions. To ensure great coverage, we have datacenters all over the globe. To ensure optimal quality, we switch your calls onto our dedicated video network so that all calls have the quality of a local call.”



Provider of automated IT operations CFEngine has clients like eBay, Facebook, and PayPal and it offers stability, speed, security, and scalability to all its clients.

“LinkedIn is the largest professional social network and is currently the 10th largest website in the US by traffic. Our ops team will make around 5-10 production changes per day. CFEngine provides the automation framework and gives us the ability to continue to scale operationally,” according to LinkedIn senior Unix Engineer Mike Svoboda.


You can check the part one of Norway’s top tech startups here.

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