Top tech startups in Denmark - the land of fairy-tales


After getting introduced to some of the best tech startups in Finland, Sweden, and Norway, it is time to get to know some of the top tech startups in Denmark, the land of fairy-tales. Without further ado here we go:


1- Issuu 


Danish startup Issuu allows anyone to enjoy the largest collection of free-to-read publications from incredible publishers around the globe as well as publish and curate their own newspapers and magazines online. Furthermore, with Issuu, users can collaborate as a team that works as one no matter if team members are located on different parts of the world.  

“From giants of the publishing industry to art-school graduates seeking a first job, Issuu gives anyone with digitally bound content the ability to upload and distribute their publications worldwide. In just minutes. And as often as they’d like.

Each day, more than 20,000 publications are uploaded, including magazines, newspapers, portfolios, catalogs, corporate literature, DIY guides, community programs … you name it. Once published on Issuu, publications become instantly available to active readers in every corner of the globe who use our site and mobile apps to discover and engage with whatever interests them. On any device. Presented in a beautiful, magazine-like reader,” according to Issuu official website.

Connecting content to people, Issuu was launched back in 2007 and so far has over 25 million Issuu documents and over 100 million unique visitors per month.

2- Vivino 

“Never pick another bad wine,” that’s what world’s largest wine app Vivino helps you to do. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a wine lover or not, there will come a time when you have to pick a wine be it for your loved ones or just as a present, and when that time comes,  this app will be your safety net.   Co-founded by Heini Zachariassen and Theis Søndergaard in 2009, Vivino was launched in 2010 and is so far the most downloaded mobile wine app.

“Take a photo of any wine label and instantly learn that wine's rating, review, and average price. All supplied by our 17 million users - the world's largest community of wine drinkers,” according to Vivino’s official website.

Currently the company has 80 employees that work in offices spread across three continents: The United States, Europe, and Asia- more precisely in San Francisco, Ukraine, Copenhagen, and India.

As of June 2016, the app has 17.630.824 users, 208.919 wineries, 9.141.356 wines, 2.126 wine regions, 16.417.669 reviews, 259.919.520 scanned labels, 47.511.326 ratings, and 2.577.032 prices.


3- Trustpilot

Reviews are becoming one of the key factors of a company’s success or failure. Many companies, especially the ones who know are doing a great job on their part, are pushing their clients to write reviews for them so that their company stands out from the rests of the businesses who offer the same or similar services.

Trustpilot, a platform that embraces the power of customer reviews, is helping customers and companies ‘get to know’ each other by giving customers the opportunity to review and discover great companies. “Consumers everywhere are embracing reviews and smart businesses are quickly following suit. It's a fact, reviews help you make your customers happy and win sales. Are you ready to find out what makes your customers tick, improve your service and build lasting relationships?,” says on the company main page.

This way Trustpilot is also helping companies to get an insight on what their customers’ experience was with them, learn from it, and improve their business in the long run.

Founded in 2007, among Trustpilot prestigious customers are Telenor,, HostelWorld, Expert, Bestseller, etc.  

4- Falcon Social  


Yet another tech startup that helps companies “meet” their customers, Falcon Social gives businesses the opportunity to “draw real people from data and create brand experiences that drive results.” Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are currently helping companies to track their success and campaigns from time to time. What Falcon Social does is help companies do just that in real time.

“At, we offer the most unified customer experience platform around. You can discover, attract and engage customers, and connect social data to what you already know across departments and channels. You will love the easy-to-use interface, backed by our dedication to stellar support.”

Launched in Copenhagen in 2010 by CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen. Falcon. Io has offices in New York, Berlin and Budapest, with employees and customers from all over the world.


5- Fitbay

Gone are the days when you could not order online clothes that perfectly fit your body type. Danish tech startup Fitbay helps you find clothes that not only are your style, but fit your body type just as you wish. First, the app requires you to find people that have the same body type as you do and connect with them. After you do that, you share your style by taking a picture of your outfit and the tag brands that you are wearing to further help you with your future purchases. After that you can be discovered by other people that find you as their body type ‘clone’ with similar style, as well discover trending photos and follow other people that inspire your fashion tastes.

With the mission to help everybody find clothes that fit, fashion social network Fitbay has offices both in Copenhagen and New York. Founded by Christian Wylonis in 2014, according to Business Insider, the startup raised $2 million in VC funding in June 2014.

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