CeBIT 2015 - Breathing Creativity and Innovation


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“CeBIT 2015 has sent an impulse around the world-information, innovation and inspiration at CeBIT lead to investment.” – Oliver Frese, Member of the Managing Board, Deutsche Messe.

CeBIT, the world’s largest tech event held its 2015 event from 16 to 20 March in Messegelände Hanover, Germany. Booth Visiting, Huawei CIO Forum and Press Conference, “d!conomy-Internet of Everything” panel discussion, case studies and gala dinners were all part of CeBIT 2015 agenda.

According to CeBIT 2015 after show report, one in three visitors was a top manager and 92% of them were trade visitors, 72% of which play a role in their companies’ investment decisions. 34% of the total number of visitors were high-caliber visitors. CeBIT global conferences included 200 speakers from all over the world with 4,800 attendees on site and more than 100,000 online followers via live stream. Among the 200 speakers were the well known IT personalities, Jeremy Rifkin and Edward Snowden.

On March 16, Huawei and SAP decided to announce their expanding technological collaborations in innovation at CeBIT 2015, a collaboration that has been expanding year by year since their 2012 global technology partnership.

This year’s CeBIT included 3,300 exhibitors from 70 nations. Our own Managing Director, Rudi Van den Bossche, was one of the lucky ones who had the chance to enjoy CeBIT 2015 event. He paid special attention to the start-ups which, for the first time in CeBIT history, had an entire hall dedicated entirely to them.

According to him, most of the 350 startups which brought new creative impulses to Cebit, were in the sphere of the Internet of Things. “Most of the startups developed sensors and software to measure something of the body. A lot of them had solutions for home entertainment, connecting anything at any place in the house. Television set, in-house entertainment, and all devices were connected and can serve at any place in the house” .

Among the participants were 221,000 trade professionals, journalists and delegates. This year Cebit’s number of visitors increased by 6% and the number of visitors who use CeBIT to do business is increasing year by year. That means that CeBit is not only constantly seen and used as the number one source of information but it is becoming an important event that connects CEOs and top managers from all around the world. It is becoming an event that not only drives investment, but it also encourages new innovators and allows them to present and share their thoughts and experiences with like-minded people through various conferences and meetings.

Everyone who attended CeBIT 2015 this March can agree that innovation and creativity were two essential components of the air they breathed in every start-up, every conference and every exhibition. The next CeBIT event will be held from 14 to 18 March 2016. Until then, stay creative and innovative.

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