Splice Machine chooses open source


Open source RDBMS Splice Machine announced on July 18, 2016 its new cloud-based sandbox that is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

SOMA-headquartered company which makes it easy for developers to “create modern, real-time, scaleable applications, or to offload operational and analytical workloads from expensive Oracle, Teradata, and Netezza systems,” recently invested in “developer adoption by going open source, launching a community site and creating a turnkey test and evaluation platform,” according to Splice Machine.

“I am very excited about Splice Machine opening its software and developing a community,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. “We are committed to making it as easy as possible for developers to get Splice Machine and test it at scale. Our Community edition is a fully functional RDBMS that enables teams to completely evaluate Splice Machine, while our Enterprise edition contains additional DevOps features needed to securely operate Splice Machine, 24×7.”

Not a long ago we published an article about whether to open or not to open code. This question has been popping up over and over again for many companies that in a way or another have had to make up their mind about the decision to open their codes or not.

The decision to open code is not only able to affect the company as a whole, but to affect the company’s developers and making them realize that their work is now in the open and everyone can see it, use it, and criticise it. This in turn can make developers present a better work that can be reached by a large community and be on the frontline for constructive criticism.

“Digital marketers, financial institutions, life science and cybersecurity companies all need to process mixed OLTP and OLAP workloads and prefer technologies with a vibrant community. The open source community provides a lifespan beyond any single company’s tenure, and a rich source of skill sets to tap that can expand, customize, and operate the technology," Zweben added.

By opening their code, a company will not only help the open source community, but will continue to be more innovative, always seeking for the best version of itself and benefit from the constructive criticism they may receive from time to time, which is always helpful if used right.

“Splice Machine is now available in a free, full-featured Community edition and a licensed Enterprise edition. The Enterprise edition license includes 24/7 support, and includes devops features such as backup and restore, LDAP support, Kerberos support, encryption, and column-level access privileges,” according to the Splice Machine official website

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