Julia enters TIOBE Index top 50 for the first time



Indicator of programming languages popularity TIOBE Programming Community index which updates every month, announced with its September headline that Julia programming language has entered the top 50 on TIOBE index for the first time.

“It was a matter of time until Julia would hit the top 50. This month it did so. The Julia programming language is meant for numerical computing. It combines functional programming paradigms with high speed. In other words, readable and stable code that performs. Chances are high that Julia will gain even more popularity the next few months. This new entry might make you curious what other languages are expected to reach the top 50 soon. I would put my bets on Hack (number 77), Kotlin (entering the top 100 this month at position 99) and TypeScript (still 183 but watch my words),” according to software quality company TIOBE index.

As of September 2016, Java continues to be on the lead, followed by C, C++, C#, and Python respectively. All these four programming languages have kept their top 5 position since September 2015.

JavaScript this month has gone up by 0.59% ranking on the sixth place, switching places with PHP which has gone up by 0.32%, almost half as much as JacaScript.   The rest of the languages part of TIOBE index top 10 are Assembly language, Visual Basic .NET, and Perl.

Last month TIOBE announced that C’s score of 11.303% was its lowest since 2001 when TIOBE index was in use.

One of the main reasons for this drop is that C is hardly suitable for the booming fields of web and mobile app development. Moreover the C programming language doesn't evolve like the other big languages such as Java, C++ and C#. There is a "new" C11 standard available but this contains only minor changes. The constraint that C object code should remain small and fast doesn't help here. Moreover, adding C++ like features is also out of the picture because that's what C++ is for already,” according to  TIOBE index.

While in July 2016, the Programming Community index announced that Assembly Language re-entered the TIOBE index Top 10. According to TIOBE it was a surprise that a language like Assembly Language, which is one of the languages that has had the lowest level a programming language can have, has re-entered TIOBE index top 10 again this July 2016.

Other programming languages besides Assembly language that had an increase in popularity in July were Tcl, which moved from the 65th position to the 48th, CFML (ColdFusion) which jumped from the 102nd position to the 66th, and Maple which moved 20 positions higher ranking the 74th.


Image Source: http://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/ 

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