Windows 10 to launch in 190 countries in 111 languages


Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, which is aimed at powering PCs, smartphones and also connected devices such as bank machines and medical equipment, will be available by this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages. The exact date when Windows 10 operating system will be available is not known yet.

According to a statement by the tech giant, “Windows 10 delivers new capabilities that will enable hardware and device manufacturers to create technology, devices and experiences for customers around the world, including Windows Hello.* Unveiled on stage for the first time via a Lenovo ThinkPad YOGA 15, Windows Hello provides instant access to a person’s device through biometric authentication using their face, iris or fingerprint to unlock their device and their services.”

Terry Myerson, Microsoft executive vice president, wrote on a blog post that Windows 10 operating system, which was first unveiled last September, will have for the first time a small footprint IoT (Internet of Things) for connected devices and will be available for free to all its customers .

"Windows 10 will offer versions of Windows for a diverse set of IoT devices, ranging from powerful devices like ATMs and ultrasound machines, to resource constrained devices like gateways," Myerson said.

On the same statement Microsoft also announced various partnerships with Lenovo, Tencent and Qihu 360, which will provide customers with free windows upgrades.  

Lenovo announced that when Windows 10 launches, it will offer ‘Windows 10 upgrade services at 2,500 service centers and select retail stores in China.’ Chinese leading social networking and gaming services company Tencent, will offer free upgrade of Windows 10 operating system for all its customers that are currently using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in China. Another Chinese-based company, Qihu 360, which has over 500 million customers on Windows PCs, will also offer free Windows 10 upgrades to its customers in China.

Besides Tencent, Qihu 360 and Lenovo, Microsoft is closely working with Xiaomi, a very popular smartphone maker in China, also known as the Windows Insider Program.  “Through a new program with Xiaomi, one of the top smartphone distributors in the world, a select group of Xiaomi Mi 4 power users will be invited to help test Windows 10 and contribute to its future release later this year. These power users will have the opportunity to download the Windows 10 Technical Preview – installing it and providing their feedback to Microsoft,” Myerson said in a blog post. 

Currently there are over 1.5 billion Windows users all over the world. For the first year after windows 10 launches, all users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 are going to be able to get a free Windows 10 upgrade, which will be available for all qualified PCs.

“I can’t wait to see how amazing companies around the world will continue to innovate with devices running Windows 10. Working together I know we can create some incredible experiences with Windows 10 that will truly delight our customers,” Myerson added.


(Picture Source: Wall Street OTC)

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