Microsoft HoloLens to turn fiction into reality


Microsoft HoloLens, the most advanced holographic computer, together with Windows 10 will bring high‑definition holograms to our daily life. Windows 10 is the very first platform to enable the newest technology and support holographic computing.  


Microsoft HoloLens will soon integrate with our lives and create a mixture of reality and fiction by integrating with our physical spaces. This mixture with help us to better connect, communicate and create. Holograms will soon enable us to work more efficiently, to make us touch our ideas and thoughts in 3D. Furthermore, by going beyond the screen, holograms will enable us to transform the world we currently live in and explore a whole new world. By interacting with them we will not only see our world in a new light, but we will be able to transform our work, our ideas and perspectives in new unexplored dimensions.

“The hardware allows us to take these visions—these ideas about new products—and make them real.” - Todd Holmdahl, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Next Generation Devices.

Microsoft HoloLens will help businesses reach new opportunities and possibilities and will ‘help make incredible leaps forward for productivity, collaboration, and innovation,’ according to Microsoft HoloLens’s official website. “Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will soon be exploring Mars using holograms of Mars Rover images. They will work as if they can walk on the surface of Mars, an experience previously impossible. As a result, they will be able to learn at a faster pace than ever before.” The high-definition holographic lenses will also help students to better learn by transforming their illustrations into 3D images that can be altered and explored from any possible angle. 

Autodesk, Unity Technology, Dassault Systèmes, and Sketchfab platform are some of the partners Microsoft HoloLens is collaborating with. Microsoft HoloLens’ headband is designed for comfort and that is why it comes with an adjustment wheel that makes the headband fit any head size. Its weight is mainly distributed around your head’s crown so that you won’t get unwanted pressure on your ears or nose.

What’s more interesting is that Microsoft HoloLens come without any wires or external cameras. You can basically wear them anywhere without worrying too much because Microsoft HoloLens’ advanced sensor fusion can capture any information you need without requiring you to be connected to your phone or your computer. Moreover, the advanced sensors enable the holographic processing unit (HPU) to process huge amounts of information in a short period of time.

 “People, not devices, are mobile. We are ready for technology to move beyond devices, beyond screens and pixels, and beyond today's digital borders.” - Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow, Operating Systems.

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