OSHBot, Baxter and Milo - The robots that are changing our lives


These 3 Robots are here to make everyone’s life better and change the world.


This 4-foot-tall tall robot is here to help us shop better. OSHBot, build by robotic firm Fellow Robots and the Lowe's Innovation Labs technology incubator, can help hardware shoppers in multiple languages.

By using various lasers and cameras, OSHBot can assist customer and navigate easily without causing incidents.You basically ask the robot about the item you are looking for and he will help you find the location in no time. The new Hardware shopping helper is currently being tested in California and according to the Orchard Supply Hardware chain owner, Lowe's, “OSHBot has the chops to answer simple verbal questions such as where to find a certain type of product.”


As you know already, most robots are made of metal and it is kind of hard for humans to work alongside them since our bodies can get easily damaged by robot’s metal frames. But Baxter, unlike most robots, is made out of soft plastic and if he ever accidentally hits you, he will immediately stop moving so that you have time to safely get away.

 Baxter, build by start-up company Rethink Robotics, is an assembly-line robot designed to work safely around humans. Baxter is 3-foot tall, weights 165lbs (without pedestal) and was first introduced in September 2012.

The two-armed robot has an animated face equipped with a pair of eyes that inform its coworkers about its next arm movement so that anyone working alongside Baxter is prepared and knows exactly what the robot will do next. Some of the tasks of Baxter are: line loading, unloading, packaging, machine tending, sorting, material handling, etc.  

This robot is designed for being sold to small and medium-sized companies, which is why he is so flexible and affordable. Various leading companies in North America have already welcomed the safe and friendly Baxter into their workforce.


Zeno and Milo, the first advanced social robots, where both designed to diagnose, treat and help children with autism all around the globe. Milo, the brother of 2ft-tall Zeno, was designed by RoboKind to work closely with children with autism.

His face which is similar to Zeno’s, is made of a pliable material that can very easy replicate various emotions in order to help children with autism to better understand and deal with different social situations.  

By using an iPad, kids are able to identify emotions when Milo asks them to.  According to RoboKind, “research has shown that children who work with a therapist and Milo engage with lessons 70 to 80 percent of the time, compared with the 3 to 10 percent of the time that children stay engaged when standard therapeutic approaches are used.”

Compared to other robots designed for similar purposes, Milo is way cheaper, but if we compare its initial price of $2,000 to Baxter, Milo can be quite expensive.




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