Opera Former CEO Launches Web Browser Vivaldi for Power Users


Developed by startup Vivaldi Technologies, web browser company Vivaldi had its first technical preview on January 27, 2015 and its latest preview release on June 30, 2015. The browser which helps its users to better organize their browser tabs, uses Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems and it is available in 46 languages. According to Wikipedia, Vivaldi started as a virtual community website that replaced My Opera and is aimed at staunch technologists, heavy Internet users, and previous Opera web browser users.“Tetzchner then launched the Vivaldi Community—a virtual community focused on providing registered users with a discussion forum, blogging service, and numerous other practical web services—to make up for My Opera's closure.”

 “Most browser makers in the market are trying to make a limited browser, maybe with extensions. But that is not what everyone wants,” according to Opera Software former cofounder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. “As an example, there are still about 20 million people still using Opera 12, even though that browser is more than three years old. There is a need for a browser for the tech user, the user that wants more from their browser,” von Tetzchner added.

Vivaldi enables its users to customize and organize their tabs, their keyboard shortcuts, etc. and it has an adaptive interface that adapts as customers browse the web by using different color themes that change based on the design of the webpage that is being visited. “People chose to use Opera because of the feature set it had to offer and because they liked the company. Opera has moved on and has defined a new target market.[…] We aim to provide a browser for those former Opera users that want more from their browser and all others who want the same," von Tetzchner said.

Furthermore Vivaldi features spatial navigation, page tiling and it is build in web technology such as HTML5, Node.js, React.js, Blink layout engine, etc.  “We use JavaScript and React to create the user interface with the help of Node.js and a long list of NPM modules. Vivaldi is the web built with the web,” according to Vivaldi’s official website.

Vivaldy also makes it easier for you to write and use notes whenever you need them and enables you to control everything by using quick commands.  Two new Vivaldi features that will come soon include the fully integrated email that builds email client into your browser, and ‘always in sync’ which will allow you to always sync your settings,  bookmarks, passwords, history, etc., whenever you have to have everything synced while using several different devices.

“Vivaldi is a serious tool for the people who need to get the most out of the web,” von Tetzchner said in a statement. “It’s not just about productivity. It’s about helping people take control over how they want to experience and use the web. We believe in putting our users first,” he added.

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