Coding a website versus creating it on a platform


For some time now, there has been a strong discussion whether coding a website is dead already or not. While both sides have their valid reasons to suggest either way, it is always good to take a break from reading one-sided articles and evaluate the pros and cons of coding a website versus creating it on a platform and decide by ourselves if website coding is really dead.


Coding a website


Unlike creating a website on a platform, coding a website gives you plenty of flexibility, the features you want to use will never be as limited, and by coding a website manually, you will eventually meet the desired standards.



Compared to creating a website on a platform, it is very hard to code a website and not every web designer can be able to successfully convert a website into code.

Converting a website into code manually requires a lot of time and can be quite expensive depending on the number of people working on designing and coding and the amount of time each one of them is putting on creating the desired website.



Creating a website on a platform


As everyone knows, it is very easy to create a website on a platform compared to creating it and learning how to code as well. Furthermore, the fact that it is very easy, doesn’t mean that you will not be able to create complicated designs, quite the contrary.

Creating a website on a platform can automatically convert the website into code in a short period of time and it can save you a lot of money as well.

By not having to worry about how everything they design will convert into code allows web designers to concentrate more on what they are designing and fully focus their time on web designing and web designing only.



Unlike the many opportunities you can have when coding a website, creating it on a platform may not be as flexible as you wish, even though many companies nowadays are making sure their customers get as much flexibility as possible using their platforms.

This is another problem that comes with creating a website on a platform; you will never fully meet the desired standards and a lot of times you will feel you have a limited amount of features and options.

We hope this list of pros and cons for both options gave you a clearer view. Whatever you decide is best, just have in mind that whether you think coding a website is better than creating it on a platform and vice versa, the fact that you have the opportunity to chose among them is great on its own.

And as Vitaly Friedman said on his post for Smashing Magazine, “We tend to put things into buckets, and we tend to think in absolutes. Pro carousels or anti carousels; pro React.js or anti-React.js; for progressive enhancement or against it. But the web isn’t black and white — it’s diverse, versatile, tangled, and it requires pragmatism. We are forced to find reasonable compromises within given constraints, coming from both business and UX perspectives.”


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